My Halloween Weekend Plans

I’m pretty excited- today is the last weekend before Halloween on Monday.

I have movies to watch, snacks to devour and stories to write. In addition I just got my new HP Chromebook and that makes me super happy because my laptop has not worked right since I jammed Windows 10 down it’s gullet a few years back and I’ve hated it since. It’s done the job, but it takes anywhere from five to twenty minutes just to load up so there is not turning it on and getting on line. It’s a process and I haven’t bought a new laptop because I HATE SHOPPING.

I know that Chromebooks aren’t the same as your trusty old Laptop, but all I do is blog on my laptop and when I travel I like  watch movies so the Chromebook works for that. I checked the AUE on this model and she’s good to go for five years and then I’ll have to replace it because it won’t be getting updates anymore, but I don’t care. I have to do the same thing for my phone at some point so I’m good with that. Plus. I don’t store anything on my laptop that I care about so It don’t have to transfer anything.

So. I have a new toy to create with and I’ll be carving my pumpkin.

As per our tradition, at some point my dog Hamish Macbeth gets to our uncarved Pumpkin and tries to carry it off. He doesn’t care about them once they’re carved. I don’t know why. It makes sense to him. Anyhoo, his fang went into the pumpkin and even though I treated it with hairspray  a little pumpkin rot started around the bite mark. It’s about the size of quarter so it’s not bad. I’m trying to find a way to work it into the carving it’s going to get.


Hamish Macbeth
Photo A.M. Moscoso
Halloween 2021

Here is the part I am really looking forward to- I’m going to raise the dead and unleash them on the world and as they rampage through towns and shopping malls, I’m going to stand on my porch in my Hello Kitty onesies and matching boots and sing Christmas songs because those are the only songs I’m brave enough to sing without an accompanist.

OK. OK. I’m just kidding.

 I’m not going wear the Onesies and Boots and sing as I raise the dead from their mucky dusty graves.

Actually. I’m just going to raise the dead. But I’ll probably wear my Hello Kitty boots when I do it because they are comfy.

So. What does your Halloween weekend look like?