That One Stung A Little


Edvard Munch

It was a funny, but not so funny moment.

This guy that I talk to on the train platform a few times a week asked me out on a date.

This is what he said to me: he likes talking to me, he enjoys seeing me and sometimes it feels like that even if his day was full of negative people he can count on me to cheer him up.

Then he said, he hoped he wasn’t putting me on the spot and that he  had been going back and forth on asking me out and today it just popped out.

Before I could answer he says, ” it’s funny but I always enjoy talking to you but all of the sudden I thought I should ask you out. You kind of crept up on me.”

I let that sink in for a  moment. He just said I crept up on him- which makes me a creep I guess.

I know that dude, I thought. I’m a creep and it’s not the first time I’ve been called a creep and it won’t be the last time. Also, its no fun to know you’re being asked out when  it sounds like the person doing the asking doesn’t  really care if I say yes or no.

So I smiled like I always do and I said I was involved with someone  but thank you for the invitation.

Then the train showed up and I crept up the stairs one by one the way us creeps do.

Keep Your Eye On The Prize

I’m a little concerned some of us may be getting off track and I’m concerned so I wrote this bit of advice on how to handle the toilet ( other people call that toilet ” Election  Season” ) that is  over flowing from inside of our phones and computers and tvs into our brains and distracting us from the important things in life:

Here in the States we are all aware that the Midterm election is in full swing and the ads and the mailers and what we see on from the media are intense and brutal in nature and guess what:

These ads and news media stories are designed to slap you upside the head so that you will get out there and do your thing. Candidates want you to vote,  they want to hold their base and they want to scare people off other candidate’s bases.

Do you know what the campaigns I worked on used to do just before the ballots dropped?

It was media blackout time for the candidate- though more then a few cheated and went to their go to social media sites and proceeded to freak themselves out.

Have you ever tried to talk a political candidate off of a ledge because they saw something on Facebook or Twitter that freaked them out? It’s not easy. I’ve house trained puppies who had poo issues because they had worms or under developed systems  that were easier to work with.  Make no mistake.  Puppy diarrhea  easier to clean up then a candidate who just hopped on board the media crazy train and splattered themselves all over the carpet.

So the candidate  got the bare bones about media hits- they where told  the hits were coming from, who was doing the hitting and what was being done about it- and for the love of God STFU about it because nobody loves it more then your opposition when you go on social media and meltdown all of the place.

Then we got them back ‘ on the doors ‘- which is when a local candidate shows up at your door, asks you for you vote and hands you a flyer.

So a word of advice:

In the case of – to coin a phrase ” We The People” there is no reason for you to indulge in the media frenzy right  if you have already made up your mind about who you will be voting for.

Like I said, what you are seeing now is the game plan for holding votes and peeling off votes from the opposition- though extract would be a better word to use here because there is nothing subtle about scraping supporters from the other side.

So  fill in your ballot when it comes in,  get it to your delivery system of your choice and stay the hell off of social media and this is why:



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