There are 13 Days to Halloween and I said to myself,

I have the perfect movie in mind to watch  to kick of the last couple of weeks before Halloween.

I am going to watch 13 Ghosts – the original version  which was produced and directed by  William Castle.

There of course is a reboot, which I did enjoy though it seemed like it wanted to be a horror film, but it didn’t quite make the leap so it really was like visiting a haunted house during Halloween where you get to run around and have some scares but in a safe way.

I actually don’t mind that in a film about the supernatural, but the special effects in the reboot were so good and so intense that I’d have liked a scarier ride, you know?

William Castle’s version actually reached for that level of fear but the technology wasn’t there.

And for no reason that I can put my finger on, the headless lion tamer and the lion in the Castle version is my favorite ghost.   I still wonder what happened to the lion tamer’s head, did the lion eat it? Did they scoop up what was left of it and bury him with it?

What happened to the lion and why is he a ghost?

I also have to wonder,  is the Dire Mother and the Great Child in the reboot a nod to this duo?

The Great Child and the Dire Mother

After all they are a pair and they are  Circus performers and the Lion, The Lion Tamer the Dire Mother and the Great Child all came to their end at the Circus where they all performed.

I like to think so.

Anyway, I’m going to watch the 1960 version and I might watch the reboot in the next 13 days, I figure I’m going to have fun watching no matter what.

My Sweet Scurvy Sea Dog

I found a Halloween costume for Hamish Macbeth!

I was leaning towards dressing him up as a Mermaid or a Bumble Bee because I  like the colors. But as I scrolled around one just jumped out at me- this year Hamish Macbeth is going to be a pirate just like Jack Sparrow.

After all it’s fact. Hamish is just as cute and twice as sassy as Jack, so it’s a perfect choice.

In case you’re curious It was easy to get Hamish into the costume ( except for the hat, which I will have to work on because he hates them and as you can see I sort of tied it on his head for the picture )  I’ll take better pictures around Halloween of him all snazzy looking and you’ll see how cute that hat really is.

It didn’t even take me five minutes to get him into it- he’s used to wearing a harness that he only wears for walks, so he’s used to having something wrap around his middle and I was able to fit it over him with no problem. He’s also used to getting his nails trimmed so it was easy to guide his paws through the little pant legs . His back legs and tail aren’t covered and the costume doesn’t even fit down that far on his back.

As an FYI Hamish is a solid 80 pounds and he has the traditional stocky English Lab build so he fit into the large with no problem. He was also able to run around and jump up and down off the furniture with ease  so the costume didn’t restrict his movements which is probably why he wasn’t in a hurry to get out of it- unlike his butterfly wings which he sort of hated with a passion and the minute I turned my back he was rubbing against the wall trying to get it off.

Hamish Macbeth
Photo A.M. Moscoso
Halloween 2021

The store on Amazon that sells this and other super cute costumes is called NACOCO and  the link for this costume is HERE

I hope you enjoyed seeing Hamish’s dress rehearsal and  we can’t wait for  you to see how he looks on Halloween!

Anita Marie

Hamish Macbeth
Photo A.M. Moscoso

Photo A.M.Moscoso

Deck Those Halls!

Just a few decorations from Halloween past and present.

My son shot the video of the animatronic  possessed girl last week ( my favorite is when her head spins around and you can hear those gears crunching ) and the Pennywise mat is at his house.

The wreath and the signs are mine- I actually keep the tin signs up near my kitchen year round because they just work in that space.

I’d like to find something creepy cool to put on my deck, but nothing has jumped out at me- yet.

Photo J.M. Moscoso

Photo A.M. Moscoso

Photo A.M. Moscoso