A Tale of Two Mummies

There are 11 days to Halloween and I am here to say it’s going to be a Double Creature Feature at my house this weekend.

Unusual shots of Karloff as the MUMMY (1932)

First up I’m going to watch  ” The Mummy ” staring Boris Karloff and after I’m done with that,  I’m going to sit back with a fresh bowl of over buttered popcorn and watched The King do battle with a Pharaoh with a nasty potty mouth.

What? What film is that I am speaking of?

Bob Ivy as Bubba Ho-Tep

Why Bubba Ho-Tep of course:

Bubba Ho-Tep is one of those films I only watch at Halloween- and it’s not for the obvious reason. I watch it in the Fall because at it’s heart this is a story about two men facing their own Autumns and even though it’s cold and dark for them, they are brave enough to face  it head on.

In addition   I just love this film to death- so here are some clips featuring and interview with Bruce Campbell, my favorite fight scene and music from the film.


Halloween Windows

We are 11 days away from Halloween and in the midst of fun I guess we can do a little learning-I’ve been thinking about Undertakers-Undertaker is actually a euphemism which refers to the person in charge of (i.e., someone who undertakes the responsibility for) the body and burial service. 

Now days if you Google “undertaker” you get pages and pages of a Wrestler.

Trick or treat.

“Office of Butterworth & Sons, Undertakers,” from brochure Seattle and the Orient (1900). The Butterworth firm (1892–1997) was, at that time, located at 1426–1428 Third Avenue. It soon relocated to a new building at 1921 First Avenue.

Smith Brothers Funeral Home
EST 1895
Hampton VA

Sweeney Funeral Home-
Letty Sweeney
Nashville TN.

View of N. Gray and Company’s, Undertakers, Sacramento Street, Corner of Webb Street I. W. Taber1880