“Hear ye, hear ye!”

Daily Writing Prompt: What job would you do for free?

Henry Wallis1856

I almost passed this prompt up because I am doing the job I love for free and I do it every single day at about the same time.

I write.

I write on my blog. I write in my notebooks- and not my Chrome Notebook. I write in an actual notebook with water rings on the cover. Sometimes I just jam articles that I print off from the internet between the pages.  I have a bus schedule in there that’s about 10 years old and for some reason I hang on to it.

When I start a new notebook, the bus schedule for routes that don’t  exist anymore goes right into it.

My Notebook  lives in my backpack so when I go to work or I travel it’s always with me.

I do this job free with no real goal in mind. By that I mean I don’t know if all of the hard work I put into my blog will every amount to anything tangible. Sometimes I think that one day my Granddaughter will stumble across my blog ( everything lives forever on the internet you know ) after I’m long gone and I guess that’s the only real ‘goal’ I have in mind.

I feel like it’s my job to leave a little of me for someone to find one day. I don’t know why but it seems important.

And it’s fun.


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