Everyone Is A Comedian Now

Word of the Day Challenge: SUSPENDED

One of my FB friends sent me these pictures from Zillo Gone Wild and asked me-

Hey Anita are you selling your house?


First of all, I don’t live in Texas- which is where this house is.

Second, I can’t imagine why-even if you are joking you- would suspend your commitment to reality-  when in the pictures you spent God knows how many minutes you spent time looking at,  there are some obvious truths are glaring at you straight in the face:

I mean COME ON- anyone who knows me would tell you straight up I don’t like floral prints and who the heck would hang a lighting fixture that low over an embalming table?

Do you think for one second I would do that? That I would slap flowers all over my rugs and walls and scatter them all over my table tops?


Because if you do it’s obvious you don’t know me.

Listing via photos Via:
Big Country Realty Group KW Synergy
Tina Irias, REALTOR

3 thoughts on “Everyone Is A Comedian Now

    • All kidding aside, some of those props are not inexpensive and they look well cared for. Some people think it was used just for Halloween beccause one of the rooms has a makeup tables and changing areas for the actors. I can’t imagine why anyone would leave the props like that out in the open if you’re not living in the house because like I said they’re not inexpensive. But it could also just be that those pictures were all they had to give to the real estate agent when they put the house on the market.

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