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31 Writing Prompts For May: HEAVEN

Anita Marie Godfrey
Honokaa, Hawaii
Photo Catalina Godfrey

My Mom used to say this when I did something stupid that could possible end my ( then) short life on Earth.

” What’s the matter with you? ” she would say in disgust ” Do you want to go to Heaven?  Are you desperate to get there soon? “

I  should confess that I managed to accomplish this foolish goal of mine a half dozen times before I sat down for breakfast every single day of my childhood.

I would sit there, cereal spoon in hand and say.

” No, No I don’t want to go to Heaven. “

Sometimes she caught a note in my voice that rubbed her the wrong way and then I would smile and she would shake her head and leave the room.

This is copy of a painting by Leonardo da Vinci in the Louvre (inv. 775) which is dated to 1513-1516  As in the original, the Baptist wears a leopard skin, usually considered an attribute of Bacchus.

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