The Sweetest

Daily Prompt: My Five Favorite Fruits

Title: Mediterranean fruit fly
Creator: Art Cushman

I  love to feast

with reckless abandon


Lemons, Orangens, Pomegranates  and Mangoes

because I have to work to reach their flesh

and that makes me feel like a wolf or a tiger or maybe even a lion

taking down it’s prey.

Bowl of Lemons and Oranges on a Box of Wood Shavings and Pomegranates
Louise Moillonca. 1630s

Last but not least sometimes I eat strawberries drizzled in crunchy white chocolate

and as I pop them into my mouth delicately, I do it with a smile so that nobody can


that I am thinking about oranges and lemons, pomegranates and mangoes

and how sweet it will be to hunt them down again.

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