Poor Banksy

Word of the Day Challenge: Polyloquent

People  I  know have used an ocean of words on social media,

in conversations  we have had on street corners or art galleries, sometimes even at the

the symphony to tell me about Banksy and how important Banksy’s work is above all

they have filled

every square inch of free space in any given room to speculate on the mysterious





Today it occurred to me that I have never really looked at anything Bansky has done. It

seems like talking about Banksy is more important then taking in Banksy’s work. I don’t

think of social issues or statements  really every come into the conversations.

It’s a strange thing, a visual artist has become the art and the artist’s work gets

honorable mention.

Now that I have taken in some of Banksy’s work, I have something to say about it.

I don’t think Banksy thinks much of the world or the things living inside of it- so it’s not

like the pictures speak to me about the world. It speaks to me about Banksy’s head,

which is a sad and scary place.

At least when I write, I can free up some of the monsters in my head. It would appear

that doesn’t happen for Banksy.

Poor Banksy.


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