My Comfy Socks

Daily Writing Prompt asks: What’s the oldest thing you’re wearing today?

Hyun Chung2002

I have a pair of comfy white socks that give my heart and feet absolute joy.

  The heel in my left sock is threadbare  and the sock for my right foot is a a dingy pink color that reminds me of undercooked hamburger.

These aged socks are my favorite pair of socks and on days where I am not feeling happy I wear them because they make me feel good.

So you might wonder, but are not sure you want to know about my old socks that I  dearly love and should have ended up in a landfill ages and ages ago?

Let me set your mind at ease.

They’re not smelly, though my dog does look a little suspicious when I put them on. Sometimes he takes a quick sniff and  pretends like he doesn’t notice those socks. But I have the feeling on the days I wear them he snitches on me to his friends at the dog park.

The simple fact is, I was wearing those socks when I found out that a wish of mine had come true. I had wished and hoped against hope that  a certain somebody in my life  would wind up in hell  and one day, I have it good  authority,  that is exactly what happened.

For real. They’re in Hell. I know they are because I see them here everyday.

I love my comfy white socks because they make me smile.

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