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You know, for as much as I rip into FB here,  I do goof off  on facebook where  my favorite groups to visit are ” Halloween ” communities. There are people who spend their entire year getting ready for Halloween and I am captivated by them and their commitment to the holiday.

Sad to say I don’t have an artistic bone in my body so I don’t make decorations the way they do.   I have a pretty decent collection of bits and pieces that are Halloween related ( my gargoyle collection, macabre artwork by OTHER artists ) but I actually keep that stuff out year round. On the other hand I love to look at that stuff so I do enjoy seeing what other people create.

My contribution to the Halloween is that I write a lot of Halloween  stories and articles for my blog and I’d start posting them 100 days before Halloween.

This year though, I’ve pretty much established that what inspires me to write is the Halloween spirit and season so I’m going to jump in early this year.

I mean why not? What am I waiting for?

I’m not going to look at the calander and let it tell me what to do and when to create. Time is marching right by me anyway, it doesn’t care if I live or die or if I even own a watch ( fun fact, I still don’t know how my google calander on phone works ) so I might as well get a move on.


Artist Unknown

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