Oh No! Anything But That!

WP Daily Prompt is curious, today it  asks us to Describe your dream chocolate bar.

Title: Candy Dish
Creator: Gorham Manufacturing Company
Date Created: c. 1840-1860
Location Created: United States of America

Sorry WP Prompters, I can’t do that because I do NOT like chocolate bars and if I dreamed of one it would be in a nightmare. You didn’t ask me to describe my nightmare chocolate bar.

Because I am female- and along with being told my entire life that if I smiled more I would look prettier, I have heard we are supposed to love chocolate- but I most certainly do not love it.

When I bite into chocolate- and it doesn’t matter the quality of the chocolate itself- my brain reads what is going on in my mouth this way-

” Pennies coated in chalk dust? What the heck is going on down there? ”

I don’t have a refined palate where candy is concerned-my personal favorite candies  are Popcorn flavored Jelly Beans and Marshmallow  Peeps. So you can see I don’t eat a lot of candy and what I do eat is the same kind of candy you would find clutched in a toddler’s hand while they’re racing around the house before naptime,  but when I am out and about and have the opportunity to try out new desserts I go for it.

I hardly ever eat the same dessert twice. I mean I will work my way through the dessert menu because it’s fun and dessert time should be fun.

Before I started writing this post and I was looking for a little inspiration, I asked Google arts to show me Candy Dishes and it took me to Sweet Cuisine and there were some desserts I would try in a heartbeat.

The last dish is one that I am determined to try one day because that’s the way I roll baby.

Title: Flower bomb
Location: Girona, Spain
Restaurant: Celler de Can Roca
Chef: Jordi Roca

Title: Chia seed soup, apple and celery slush, and strawberry sorbet
Restaurant: Santceloni
Chef: Montse Abellà
Photographer Unknown

Title: The ice cream that cheeses dream of
Photographer: Obrador Grate / Fernando Sáenz
Chef: Fernando Sáenz

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