Because I Said So

WordPress prompters want us to toot our own horns! Today they ask-On what subject(s) are you an authority?

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I am an authority

-here on my blog anyway-

on the five stages of Human  Decomposition.

You can Google the process or catch a quick course on The Murder Channel ( I don’t know what the channel that runs those true crime stories is actually called ) so I’ll just tell you what my favorite stage is because…

of course I have one. 

My favorite stage is the fifth stage.  That’s the stage when all that is left are the bones. It can take a body up to two years to reach this stage in certain climates and in hot and dry climates it can take two weeks.

In either case, a lot goes on to get a set of human remains to this stage and by the time it’s done- the death of the body, by natural causes, a tragic accident or foul play- your bones will  be there to tell your tale long after your flesh and organs and  muscles have jumped ship.

How heroic is that? Is it even  heroic you may wonder.

Let me answer that:

Of course it is and I know because here on  my blog I am an authority on the matter.

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