Inspired By The RDP Prompt: LADDER

Photographer: Dorothea Lange

There is not a stick of furniture

in the Witch’s House

which stands alone in a field, down the hill from where I live.


One of the walls is missing and so are the window panes, the chimney is

still there and a moss covered ladder is leaning against the fireplace

But there isn’t a stick of furniture in the Witch’s house and I’m not sure there ever was.


When I’m feeling down, or reckless and I want to blow off a little steam

I walk down to the Witch’s house and from the front yard I will scream

” Is anybody home? I’d knock but your door is gone. Is it okay if I come in? ”


And as bold as brass I will stand in the doorway

and call for her again and just before I walk away

I always hear her say,


” Go away you bloodsucking fiend, and crawl back into

your coffin, that soured the Earth

up the Hill from where I live.

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