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WP asks: What are your Future Travel Plans

There are three places I want to travel too, but I probably never will because two of them are forbidden destinations and the third  is a reminder’ there’s what you want and what you need and a smart person will make the correct call.

First up- I want to explore the Seed Vault in Norway.

Inside of this vault are seeds that can be used in the event something catastrophic happens and trees and crops get wiped out.

I’ve seen this movie friends and neighbors and I really doubt if it’s only plant seeds they’ve got in storage. But there’s no way to know unless you get to take a look inside.

Svalbard Seed Vault, Norway

The Cave of Crystals looks like something from a SCI-Fi movie. In addition to that it’s hot enough to shut your internal organs down.

I don’t know why I want to go there but I think it has something to do with wanting to find out what lives down there because my Spidey sense says something does.

Cristales cueva de Naica-

There was this journalist who interviewed people who had jumped off of the Golden Gate Bridge ( I think it was that one specific bridge, but I could be wrong ) and lived. In the interview the people who survived said that the minute they let go they knew they had just made a very big mistake.

In the Haunted Forest in Japan- infamous because people go there to commit suicide- I’ve read that some people may have changed their mind but they had gone into the forest with little to no provisions and gotten lost.  And they died. In their way, they let go of the railing and knew they had made a mistake and like the people who jumped from the bridge, they couldn’t take that simple action back where they let go.

I don’t want to go there to find a corpse, to touch the ropes hanging from the trees, or wander off trail and move the clumps of earth with my toe. I want to go there to remind myself that the minute you let go of that railing, you will know you have made a terrible mistake.

Aokigahara, the Haunted Forest in Japan Credits: Simon Desmarais

I’ve chosen these three destinations for another reason- they’re a little dangerous, a little mysterious and even though I like to take part in tour groups, there is nobody there to take care of  you if things go bad. You will have to figure your way out of it- or not.

That would be an adventure and I would like to think I am up for it.

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