If You Go Down To The Woods Today

RDP Wednesday FOREST

I just finished reading a  short story by Algernon Blackwood called ” The Willows “.

In this story two friends- the Narrator and his companion ‘ The Swede ” are  taking a canoe trip on the Danube find themselves at a crossroads ( so to speak ) where this world intersects with another dimension- and in case you’re curious the beings  they come across from that dimension are not friendly.

The inhabitants from this other dimension are the  Willow trees, – the  wind, the waves in the Danube  and something they think is a  drowning victim rolling in the river, but then they realize it’s an Otter- or is it? .

As you dive into this story, you begin to see that the Willows, the sounds of the wind the River and the waves on the Danube aren’t the actual threat to the travelers. The minds of the Narrator and the Swede can’t really grasp what these creatures look like and this is what their confused brains are telling them they are seeing.

So since finishing this story, I have actually put alot of time into wondering what those creatures from that dimension look like.

I live in a State where I could head out to a river, somewhere in a Forest and all alone with nothing but the trees and the wind and the sound of the River rushing by I could try to picture them- that wouldn’t be a bad idea

or maybe it would not be a good idea, after all look at what happened to those kids  in the Blair Witch Project.

They went looking for a monster and they found it.

Lucky ducks.

That does it. I’m heading to the Forest as soon as I can manage it. Wish me well.




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