A Little Song

WordPress Prompters want to  know: What strategies do you use to maintain your health and well-being?

Well prompters it’s like this- I remember how Chuckles the Clown was memorialized at his funeral ( before you get to freaked out, this is an episode of the Mary Tyler Moor Show titled, Chuckles Bites The Dust– ) , Chuckles’s death is caused by an overzealous parade elephant that mistook the clown, who was dressed as a peanut, for a real snack. )

When I reflect on Chuckles-his life, his death his motto for  acquiring  happiness, I  laugh before I start to  take myself to seriously.

That is how I maintain my health and well-being. Thank you for asking.

“A little song, a little dance,  a little seltzer down your pants.”

Chuckles The Clown

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