One Down One To Go Go Go!

WP Prompters ask: If you won two free plane tickets, where would you go?

First of all, except for a couple of great spins on the slot machines in Vegas I’ve never won a ‘prize’ in MY ENTIRE LIFE. So this prompt is a little hard to imagine. But if you want me to dream big I would want to win tickets to Mars on a NASA approved Rocket Ship.

In a way me and my dog, Hamish Macbeth,  are already there-I submitted our names to NASA and our names were etched onto a microchip with 10million other names and sent to Mars in 2020

But if we could “go back” for real and in the flesh and visit our Robot Friends,  Curiosity, Perseverance and that Spunky little Bot,  Ingenuity,  that’s where we would go in a heart beat- we would go to Mars.

Enhanced color image of NASA’s Ingenuity Mars Helicopter was taken by the Mastcam-Z instrument aboard Perseverance on April 16, 2023

This selfie was taken by NASA’s Curiosity Mars rover on Feb. 26, 2020 (the 2,687th Martian day, or sol, of the mission). The crumbling rock layer at the top of the image is the Greenheugh Pediment, which Curiosity climbed soon after taking the image.

 NASA’s Perseverance Mars rover took a selfie with several of the 10 sample tubes it deposited at a sample depot it is creating within an area of Jezero Crater nicknamed “Three Forks.” Credits: NASA/JPL-Caltech/MSSS.


Postcards From Mars

Curiosity’s ‘Postcard’ of ‘Marker Band Valley


Jemma and friend checking out Mission Control- she likes science and driving really fast:

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