Thinking This One Through

WP Daily Prompt: If you could bring back one dinosaur, which one would it be?

Before we dive into that question consider this:

. Prehistoric Poo
Although this fossil might look like any other rock, it’s actually 65 million year old dinosaur dung. Considering the sheer scale of the giants which once roamed the earth, they ingested hundreds of pounds of food everyday and of course, all that waste had to go somewhere, only to be discovered by humans millions of years later.

I don’t know about you, but not even in my wildest dreams do I want to have to walk around or smell  Dino-Poo.

So I have come up with a great alternative.

If I could bring back one dinosaur I’d bring back Godzilla and in turn he could bring back his friends Rodan and  Anguirus and of course he would bring back his  adopted son Manillia and I am willing to bet they don’t Poo. Nothing from TV or the movies before the 1970’s pooped.

Not even people.

Besides, Godzilla is a good dad and he’s got those puppy dog eyes. I’m a sucker for those puppy dog eyes.

Best of all Godzilla and his friends don’t mind saving the Earth from time to time, which is big of them because humans- well. You know. Ugh.

Did I mention they don’t poo?

In closing may I add….


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