Art and Found

After weeks of not being able to visit my favorite ‘found art’ wall in Pioneer Square I went back and found a boodle of some really great murals.

They were a little strange, a little odd.

In other words they were right up my alley!

Photo A.M. Moscoso

Photo A.,M. Moscoso

Photo A.M. Moscoso

Photo A.M. Moscoso

Photographed in Seattle, Washington

October 31,2018

Daily Addictions Prompt Bonanza

Honored Guests

Photo A.M. Moscoso

Last year I took this picture just before sunset on Halloween.

It had been such a clear beautiful day.

I could have cried.

Where were the dark clouds?  Where was the chill in the air? Why was everyone strolling around with cold drinks in their hands?

Had the world gone mad?

Yes. I decided. Yes it had.



But this year, this Halloween is different.

The skies are dark, it’s chilly, it’s going to rain, and dare a hope for a little fog?

I do.

Here is the reason why.

I was walking through SODO with a Chinese menu ( no kidding ) in my hand when I turned down an alley and saw this:


Photo A.M. Moscoso

Could it be

the Werewolves of London

have made it to Seattle in time for Halloween?

I think they have and I think they made it just in time to make it spectacular.


Photo A.M. Moscoso


Daily Addictions Prompt: Signal

On Which We Live

Photo A.M. Moscoso


I’ve seen some interesting things when I travel to new places around Halloween- they’re not always spooky or macabre or even a little scary.

But they do seem to have a unique life of their own.



When I try to write about the things I find,  I can’t always tell their story precisely the way they want me too.


Photo A.M Moscoso

For obvious reasons.



I will share with you right now, I am NOT one of those Dark Adventurers.

I like things like room service and spa treatments- for the most part I really am a traditional traveler.

But I like to remember to be flexible because you never know what will pop up when you’re out and about and what new things you could try your hand at.


One thing I learned to be true is this.

No matter where you go, how far away you fly or drive away from home.

In the end

there you are.

So be yourself and have fun.


Photo A.M. Moscoso


Daily Addictions Prompt: Globe

Bronson Place

Photo A.M Moscoso

It used to be a quiet place


rolling hills, a lake and trees

We used to picnic there

and sled there

when it snowed.


And then one day

or maybe it was at night

someone planted a garden

of stone


and now it is a silent place

with rolling hills, a lake and trees

and nobody wants to picnic there

all they want to do is sleep.


Photo A.M. Moscoso


Daily Addictions Prompt: Meadow

Mr. Gale’s Funeral

Photo by Brett Sayles on



We met to plan the final details for Mr. Gale’s  in the Gale Family home.

It was the beginning of fall and the leaves had just started to drop from the trees.


” Just treat it like any other tradition Funeral, ” his wife told me on the day we planned Mr. Gale’s funeral. ” Flowers, candles maybe someone can read poem and can you recommend a Minster? I suppose we need one of those.”


I assured her I could see to all of these details.


” I am so glad to hear that Irene, this is such a trying time you know.”


” I do and I’m very glad I could help.”


Mrs. Gale leaned over and whispered into my ear. ” I am curious dear, how it came that you decided to become-” she was at a loss for the word  which is not unusual in times like this.


I patted her arm. ” It’s the family business.”


Mrs. Gale got up and smoothed her hair and then walked over to her husband’s casket and put her gloved hand on it, somewhat cautiously. ” Oh Dear, I almost forgot. Music. Can we have music-”


The thudding and screaming resumed from inside the sealed casket.


” In case he starts up with that again ” sighed the soon to be widow.


Daily Addictions Prompt: Identical

Here For You

Photo A.M. Moscoso

” Look into my eyes ” said the monster.

” Don’t turn away, don’t cry out in fear. Just look into my eyes and whatever you do, don’t look away. Not even for a minute. I’m going to tell you my secrets, give you my nightmares all of my demons and unchained fears. You and you alone I will trust. You and you alone I will die for and cherish. Look into my eyes and don’t look away. “

I put my hands, both of them against my reflection in the mirror and said ” Of course I won’t.”


Daily Addictions Prompt: Influence

The Abandoned House on Elman Drive


The dolls were packed shoulder to shoulder, face to face, cheek to jowl, hip to eye on  every single shelf in every single room of the Abandoned House on Elman Drive the Groundskeeper told me on my one  and only visit.


One thing I should clear up here is this, the house wasn’t Abandoned per se, it was just called the Abandoned House because people went there to abandon their dolls that they no longer wanted. Most people would tell the current Grounds Keeper that there was nothing wrong with the doll, they just didn’t have the heart to toss it in the trash like it had never mattered at all.


The current Grounds Keeper, I was told,  would nodded non-committedly and then unlock the door and let the dolls last owner in to find a place to leave their doll that had nothing wrong with it, you understand,  wherever they chose.


After the doll was settled in the Grounds Keeper would go in a little later do a bit of arranging if need be and would leave the Abandoned House to it’s own device until the next doll  and it’s confused and somewhat embarrassed owner showed up.


How often do people stop by with their dolls I asked.


Now and then the Grounds Keeper said. Every once and awhile. Always before dark and never after.  There house has never been wired for electricity and someone who get hurt in there if they weren’t sure about where they were going.


” Can I go in and take a look around? ” I asked.


The Grounds Keeper reached over and pushed at the door and it whispered open, a cool draft crept out and brushed past my cheek.


I stepped back.


” Go on in, take a look around. Nothing in there but dolls that no one wanted. They used to matter and now they’re just cluttering up people’s lives. So they bring them here and leave them wherever they can find a spot. They don’t just drop them anywhere, like they never mattered.  People place them very carefully. Some get left shoulder to shoulder, others are  face to face,  a few are even cheek to jowl or hip to eye.”


” I don’t have a doll with me. No. Wait I do. I’m sorry. I just wanted to look around before I-”


The Grounds Keeper  watched my face.




I decided it would be ok. I could leave my doll here. I could choose a spot for it and leave it there with all the others.


In The Abandoned House.


I went back to my car to my trunk and opened it slowly because it felt like the right way to do what I was about to do.


I looked back up to the house, packed with dolls and regret and carefully reached down into my trunk and began to lift mine out.




Daily Addictions Prompt: Dense

Love In The Regrettable Garden

Photo A.M. Moscoso
Evergreen Washelli Funeral Home and Cemetery


Many years ago

I was visiting a cemetery

when I noticed

I was being watched


then I noticed I was being followed

by a crow with handsome eyes.


He took his time

and I took mine

as we strolled among the dead

and then he left as crows will do

when the sunset calls them home.


I could have been sad

and shed some tears

to find myself alone

but I could not

because I know


when you find true love

and lose it

you are bound to meet again.



Photo A.M. Moscoso
Evergreen Washelli Funeral Home and Cemetery

Daily Addictions Prompt: Exotic