The Unquiet Family

I am a ghost

my dark eyed grandma is too

I have a ghost dog

and a cat you can see right through.


My Mother dug us

all our graves

and my Uncle buried us deep

they planted a sapling

over our heads

and begged us to keep asleep.


My Dad is not a ghost

my Grandpa isn’t one too

they all live in a  fancy new house

with my Mom, my uncle

and a room

full of children’s toys

that nobody ever goes into.


The neighbors smile and wave hello

when they walk or drive slowly by

and nobody asks what


to the girl, her pets and her dark eyed grandmother

in their old house

the night stars all fell  from a red cloudy sky

and the

Moon turned icy blue.


Day 2 of  Na/GloPoWriMor: Write a poem that resists closure by ending on a question, inviting the reader to continue the process of reading (and, in some ways, writing) the poem even after the poem ends.

How To Be The Curious Traveler

There are buildings you’ve never seen before


cats lounging in windows,  curled in improbable shapes around potted plants, snoozing with one eye open under wind chimes, their fuzzy cheeks pressed against half drunk cans of soda pop.

There are streets you’ve never walked down before

lined with pastel colored cars and brightly colored garbage cans parked on the curbs where they silently fight for space on sidewalks much smaller then the ones at home


squeezed between brick and wooden houses and markets with decals of dancing fruit and children eating ice cream on their glass doors


little diners named after Mothers and Grandfathers and sometimes dogs that have  chickens and alligators or maybe fish painted on the windows.


Don’t pretend like you know where you’re going

as you stroll by the cats, the diners, the markets, the parked cars

don’t walk with the swagger and squint of a seasoned traveler, the wily  explorer who has scaled the  pyramids or cruised all of the  Seven Seas years ago on a dare.

Put the phone away, delete the app, it’s okay


take a wrong turn

to not know where this road leads and that road ends



close your eyes,

don’t take a breath

Jump right on in






Na/GloPoWriMo :It Begins Day 2- For our first (optional) prompt, let’s take our cue from O’Neil’s poem, and write poems that provide the reader with instructions on how to do something.