The Silent Night

:::Holidailies Prompt:::

Not a creature was stirring …


It was Christmas Eve

in the town called

Leaning Birches

and nothing was stirring in the abandoned house at the end of Greenlake Road.

The doors that opened and closed on their own were quiet and still.

Nothing moved in the attic

nothing  crawled up the basement stairs and begged to be let out.

The Piano which played all on it’s own on the darkest of nights

sat quiet and covered with dust.


The abandoned house on Greenlake Road was empty.

The ghosts and tortured souls were gone.

The creatures that walked the halls

that cried in the dark

were gone too.

It’s as if they had never been there.


I wonder where the inhabitants from the house on Greenlake Road

are on this cold dark Christmas Eve.

I wonder

what closets they’re hiding in

what attics they’re waiting in


for night to fall.


Nectarous Nocturne

My eyes close gently

 my heart slows to a warm crawl

in my chest

and my breath escapes in little puffs

past my lips

light as cotton candy

exquisite as


first  kiss.


One  fast bite, one sweet crunch

a tart candy apple on a stick


It feeds my soul

one exquisite bite at a time.



Delectable Fear.

How sweet it is.