“Science people! Do Your Science”

Ebb and Flow

Our blogs morph over time, as interests shift and life happens. Write a post for your blog — but three years in the future.


Christmas Eve, three years in the future and I’m supposed to write a post from it.

Heavy sigh.

Every year I wish for the future I thought was bound to happen to actually happen.

I thought we’d being flying around in spaceships like the Starship Enterprise. I thought I’d be living on Mars and that I’d have a little house there made out of crashed spaceships.

I thought my yard would be full of animals from planets with not one but two Suns and maybe five moons.

Back on Earth ( where I wouldn’t spend a lot of time on purpose ) I’d have a cool house that could talk to me and did all the cooking and could make its own weather happen right over our roof.


So three years from now I still hope that I will be writing a post about the alien invasion force that got hit by an asteroid on its way to destroy Earth, ha ha ha.

I hope we finally find Martians or at least fossils on Mars and I’m hoping that Mercury finally falls into the Sun because if it’s gone I won’t have to hear that ignorant talk about how it stops and all of a sudden rotates backwards and screws up our phones and computers.

“Science people! Do Your Science” would be the title of that post.

mercury sun

Christmas Eve three years from now I want to blog about the how we’re flying through space, living on other planets  and how writers are  going to retreats on Titan because nobody has written a famous book there…yet.


Common sense says I probably won’t be blogging about Martians or the hassle of commuting to Mars and why is it easier to commute to Pluto?

It’s going to take us a lot longer than three years for any of the things I’ve written about to maybe happen.

Think so?

With that kind of attitude I know one thing for sure…it won’t happen ever.

She’s Joking, Right?

:::Holidailies Prompt:::

If you could be a gift for anyone, what would you be, and who would you be given to?

I believe that when the year ends- and yes it IS just a date on the calendar we can use that date to draw a line in the sand.

Today is a new day and we can start the New Year a fresh while saying goodbye to the old year.


In celebrating that, I would like to be the following gift and I would like to give myself to every son of a bitch who brought a second of pain or despair to my life over 2015.

I  truly want to gift anyone whom I had to shut up for when they spewed a bunch of babble I don’t agree with because I’m polite and don’t see any reason to challenge your belief system.

I want to give something special to my acquaintances who buried me in lame psycho babble and one-sided conversations where I couldn’t get a word in edgewise because what was being said AT me was far more profound than anything I could ever come up with in my own head.

I know. Strange right? To give a gift to people like that?

Hey  God does it all the time.

It’s called a smite…or is it smote.

Anyway, I got the idea from him.

So here it is:

I would like to be a hideous black eye.


 I would like to show up on some faces on Christmas Eve and sit there festering away until New Year’s Day.

That way we could spend some quality time discussing how we can both be better people and become a credit to the human race.


I’m just kidding about that part.


No, I just want to sit on someone’s eye and look awful and make people stare and wonder what the Hell is wrong with you- which is something I should have said a few times but didn’t.

Being a vicious black eye is my way of making up for that.


I know, this is a heck of a thing to say on Christmas Eve.

But it IS Christmas Eve.

I want to give something heartfelt and this is it.

A black eye.

A scary black eye that talks to you and burrows its way into your brain and talks and talks and talks and never shuts the heck up.

Trust me. You’ll live through it.

I have.


The rest of you get gift cards, candy and hugs.

Merry Christmas.




Tell us about a time when everything seemed to be going wrong — and then, suddenly, you knew it would be alright. 


I’ve been through a lot of storms- I know, haven’t we all?

Haven’t we all taken one from a blunt object right between the eyes, got stuck in the back with more than a few knives?

And as our eyes turn black and we try to find a way to gracefully pull those daggers out ( oh sure, it hurts but life goes one and I’m okay you’re okay, blah, blah, blah ) when does that moment of clarity hit us in waves of peace and joy?

When does the air fill with the scent of sandalwood and patchouli?

When is that moment when do the clouds part, the line shines down upon us, the door swings open and we just know we’re going to be okay, in fact better than okay?


Well if anyone knows, I’d sure like to know the answer and so help me- if it involves something on a Facebook meme or you sat in a circle somewhere and shared your way to a ‘better place’ I might not be ready for that story or that particular message.

Come to think of it, I never have been ready for that sort of thing.

When I hear those sorts of missives, I feel like I just woke up one morning to find I have two heads and neither one of them knows what the hell is going on.


When things go wrong, horribly, catastrophically bad I have never in my life known in the midst of  it all knew that things were going to be okay.

My reality is that I just stand there in the middle of the storm and say to myself, ” Oh. Great. Now what is going to happen to me? Flying Monkeys with Rabies? Demonic Possession? Gamma Ray Strike? What? What the Hell is next?”


And do you know what happens?


Something a hundred times worse.

Something far more horrible than anything I could have ever imagined, and as a writer I can  imagine some pretty awful things.

So no.

I have never suddenly knew that things are going to be okay.

It seems like the days just suck less as they wear on, I don’t smile as much, I don’t laugh as much.

Eventually the  regular days start to roll in, then the laughing and the smiling comes back a little at a time. Sometimes  I take it all and I write about it ( what’s that saying about not screwing with someone who buys ink by the barrel).

But for the most part I’ll be eating a cupcake or a slice of pizza and I’ll start to reflect on what’s been happening in my life


I laugh because whatever tried to get me, didn’t kill me even though it tried like Hell.

I lived through it.

Yay me.

Spirit of Victory

Crunchy Snow and Comic Books

:::Holidailies Prompt:::

Tell Us About Snow

xmas snow

When I was growing up my Dad and his sister, my Aunt and my Grandparents had a very cool tradition.

No matter the time of day, if we were home and it snowed we would put on the Christmas tunes as we bundled and then we would head out for a walk in the snow.

We’d head to a store and buy treats- like coco mix and comic books ( my Aunt loved comic books so we’d stock up on the Archies ( or any of  Christmas themed ones ).


And for good measure I’d ask for those weird magazines about UFOs the other one I loved was called Fate

Fate is a magazine about paranormal phenomena.

I’d  stock up on Fate during the year (  my Grandma Ginger had a subscription ) so I’d snag her copies and read them during the winter- don’t ask me why it made sense when I was nine.


Back to the snow- If we were lucky it was dark and the snow was crunchy- I loved the crunchy sound of snow. I would break my own little path just so I could hear the snow crunch or squeak ( if it was powdery snow).

It was an adventure, and all along the way we’d tell stories to each other.

The weirder, the spookier- THE BETTER.


There is only one thing that could top those memories- and the snow walks I’ve taken since.

That would be the chance to walk in snow on…snow on pluto


Tell me that wouldn’t be the bees knees.

I’d sign up for that trip in a heartbeat.

Or I’d love to take a snow walk on extreme weather mars poles


Oh yes indeed.

Martian Snow.

Let that roll around your head for a minute.

Grand thought isn’t it?

And I know it’s methane snow- but snow is snow and that’s the stuff you’d find on the moon, Titan


 I’d go to those planets- risk my life, give up years on Earth just to checkout the snow.

My family would be disappointed if there was ever a chance to do that and any of us passed it up.

We’d take comic books, magazines about ghosts and hot chocolate.

Want to tag along?

Of course you do.