Prefontaine and Main



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Simone Bassi was waiting for the crosswalk light to change when he heard a woman say from behind him, ” I wonder what it feels like to kill someone.”

Prefontaine and Main Street was always busy at lunch time- what with the office people who were packed into the buildings that had blotted out the skyline years ago and the trains always pulled in at the Prefontaine Station at a quarter to noon every single day of the week.

Simone was going to ignore her, not even turn around. He figured if he did all he would see  would be someone on drugs or coming off of drugs or needing drugs.

“It’s not that I haven’t tried. I have. I just don’t feel much of anything when I do it. That’s why I’m asking.”

Simone turned around with the most annoyed expression he could muster.

The woman talking about killing people wasn’t the person Simone thought she was.

She was a lady.

Her hair was neatly coiled on top her head, her makeup was soft and artfully applied, her dress was simple and black.

“I’ve done so many wicked things-” she whispered, ”  the thing of it is, I’m just not good at it.”

The crosswalk light invited them to walk.

Simone was rooted to the spot. ” I’ve never tried to kill anyone before…

” Esme. My name is Esme Keavy.”

” I would’t do anything like that Esme Keavy.”

The cross light flashed red and then green and when it flashed red again Esme shoved  Simone Bassi from the curb and under a bus- the one of many buses that crowded the street at this time of the day.

Esme watched Simone pop open under the big black wheels and in the excitement that always follows a moment like this,  Esme reached down and found Simone Bassi”s wallet.

She took Simone’s ID from out of his wallet and dropped it into her purse. Then Esme flung his wallet over her shoulder and it sailed into a trash can that was painted bright blue with trees around the sides.

” I’m bad at what I do” she said to the ruined mess that had been Simone Bassi.

” I’m wicked bad”

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