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Photo A.M. Moscoso

Photo A.M. Moscoso

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Day Two:

Write a List

Things I’ve Learned


If you’ve been electrocuted a bunch of times bee stings don’t hurt anymore.

Counting backwards is a skill I will never master.

I can’t binge watch Tv shows.

The smell of death doesn’t bother me but the smell of hairspray does.

Being electrocuted a bunch of times probably is not a good thing.

I can pull splinters out of my own hands with my fingers really fast but I use tweezers when someone asks me to pull one from them. And I do it slowly.

I think being electrocuted a bunch of times was something I could have learned to avoid.

Pork Rinds. The cheapest you can find. Yum. You’re welcome.

I hate the phrase ‘ awesomesauce’ so much I actually went and looked it up :

What does the word AWESOMESAUCE mean?
KUSA – If you ever get “hangry,” you can go to the “cat cafe” and grab something “snackable” while you watch “awesomesauce” videos from your favorite “YouTuber.” Or, you can just “rage-quit” everything and wonder what all these words just added to the Oxford Dictionary mean. No, “rly.”

Nooooo….brainworm alert brainworm altert must stop stupid words from nesting




Electricity is not my friend.

Photo A,M. Moscoso

Photo A,M. Moscoso



David Tennant.

Cupcakes and David Tennant.

Cupcakes served by David Tennant.




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