Voices From Behind A Locked Door


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Monet 5 (Blue Water Lilies)

Her makeup was fine, not a hair out of place, her nails were freshly painted.

She tilted her jaw up and turned her head, just a little from the left and to the right and when the light caught her forehead and spread gently across her entire face she nodded and whispered ” perfect “.

She straightened the hem of her dress, checked her watch, and then she looked over her head to the shelf where her picture from last Christmas sat among makeup bottles, hairspray and lotions.

The locked door on the other side of the room opened with a whisper and a woman’s voice called out:

” Brody Hey Brody. I’m done here. Let’s finish up, the family will be here in a few minutes.”

Domino pointed to the casket and said, ” Let’s get Mrs. Cobb in her coffin. I’ve got another embalming to do.”

” You look really fine Mrs. Cobb.” Domino told the dead Mrs. Cobb. “Elegant just like your picture.”


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