Yay ME!

Today I turn 52 years old-

Photo of  A.M  Moscoso by Catalina Godfrey
( The One and Only Baby Monster )


That was my ‘Wolf Face’- don’t ask. Just let it soak in.


Oh so very proud of my ‘fangs’

Luis and Anita
Luis and Anita

Yes this was taken in a cemetery- go on, where else could this photo post GO?

Photo A.M. Moscoso
Photo A.M. Moscoso


Yay Me-

tonight it’s about me celebrating a birthday above  ground and I shall do it with the help of

The Green Fairy

Here’s to another year of more writing, adventure and pizza!


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  1. Loved all of this–what a cute little monster you were! And Luis…he looks like Jimmy Smits (drool, drool, drool) <3 A very Happy Birthday to you–celebrate well and long!

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