Millions of Burned Out Stars




I reached down to the Earth

and I lifted you up with my hands

you were cold, I was warm, I wanted to make you dance


So unfair you were scattered and broken

like millions 0f burned out stars

I cradled you gently I formed you carefully, I gave you my lonely heart


When I was done I fell to my knees

I looked up at you from the ground

I reached up, I touched your arm and a voice from behind me said,


” Nice snowman lady but what’s that red thing on it’s chest?”


Daily Post Prompt: Construct

2 thoughts on “Millions of Burned Out Stars

    • It’s been fun to explore that ‘voice’, but is it ever hard to follow those different styles and all of the rules that go with them.

      But learning something new is a good thing and if it involves writing…well then…

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