I Died, Apparently



One year I got a necklace from an acquaintance in a Gift Exchange.

I gave her a bottle of wine and she gave me this charm that was supposed to represent friendship.


Two weeks after she gave it to me, my dog died and she went on facebook and posted ” My dear friend’s dog Anita just died.”


My dog’s name was Domino.


I’m Anita.


And then I found out for some mutual friends she had my name and my dog’s name confused all along and when people tried to correct her she actually told them they were wrong- she had issues. Like if you said the sky was blue she’d say it’s not quite blue. It’s more like fain purple.


The entire situation was kind of funny, but weird.


I took the charm off of the necklace and added it to the charms that Domino used to wear on her collar ( she had at least 14 of them, she got 1 for Christmas every year ) that I keep in my treasure chest.


I’ll have to admit, I won’t say that was the worst gift I ever got, but it was the most meaningless- and the strangest.


Our Random View Prompt: Christmas Writing Prompt#3- Worst Present

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