You Better Be Good For Goodness Sake



Dear Santa

Do kids write letters to you, or do they text you?

If they text you how do you know if they actually did the texting? Does spelling count? Where do you stand on emojis?



For some reason I didn’t think there were electrical outlets at the North Pole.

Call me old fashioned, but  I think it’d be cheating if you used a electricity and had access to the internet. Plus, it creeps me out that you managed to get the dirt on me as a kid without the help of technology.

By the way.

My Mom and Satan say, ” Hi ”




Every year I like to goof off at the NORAD Tracks Santa site- I think it’s awesome.  Some of my friends don’t like it because they’re anti-war. I think  you should drop a dime on them and send Krampus to pay them a visit. I hate party poopers, don’t you?



This year I’d like to wake up on Christmas Morning and find that a ton of snow had fallen over night and I’d like a saucer sled and I’d like to switch on the news and hear that we’re being invaded by Martians- and if you could swing it, I’d like the Martians to look like this

Five Million Years

because let’s face it, Five Million Years to Earth was the best Martians invade earth movie EVER.


Well Santa, I know how busy you are.

I hope my letter finds you in good health and that I get my Invasion from Mars and snow because if you want me to stay good it’s going to cost you Big Red.

You might see me when I’m sleeping, and you might know when I’m awake but I have GPS and Google.

Ho Ho Ho

Anita Marie


Our Random View Prompt:  Write A Letter To Santa

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