You Lost Me At Westlake



A few years ago my friend was telling this story about showing up at a Police station to register her gun- the officer asked her what kind of gun she had and she said she pulled it out of her purse and set it on the desk and said something like, ” its one of these”

Everybody laughed.

” If I had done that, ” I said killing the moment ” they’d have been hosing my brains off of the ceiling.”

My friends told me, in effect, to not be so sensitive and that it wasn’t true- the Officer would have laughed at me  just like he had done with her.

I called the waitress over and ordered an extra scoop of ice cream in the hope I’d get brain freeze.

Need I mention all the women at the table with me that day are white and I am not.

I should also say that these women are Progressives, that they go to meetings and preach about issues fearlessly no matter who they are up against in an argument. These same women have also made it clear ( and I’m just drawing a picture here ) that because of their I don’t know- Political Purity that they don’t see color- only the ‘person’

I’ve been told in a round about way by my Progressive friends that the issues Democrats work with affect ‘all of us’ so no ‘we’ will not be discussing race today.

How’s about looking at it this way:

Racisim does affect ‘all of us’.

So ‘we’ need to address it.

No more excuses.

The time for that is over.


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