What Would Rod Serling Do?

Self Portrait A.M. Moscoso

Self Portrait
A.M. Moscoso

I took this on election night-

the night our great country was flushed down into the sewer and a man I

call with very little affection ” Twitler ” became President Elect.

One of my neighbors was shooting off a gun, or maybe it was fireworks

I think they were chanting USA.

I’m not feeling like the person in this picture anymore.

Here’s the reason why:

I asked myself a question that made me remember

there was something I could fight back, a way to make our story heard.

I asked myself,

” What would Rod Serling do?”

He’d write about the Monsters arriving on Maple Street.

I don’t feel so overwhelmed anymore.

I am standing on firm ground and I am ready to fight

in the best way I know how.

Thank you Rod Serling.

I hope to do you proud.


Daily Prompt: Overwhelming

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