Not Today Not Anymore



I learned to:

” Play nice, be fair, don’t worry your turn will come”

I was told:

” Sit down, be quiet, listen to other people- they have feelings to”

I was such a good student:

I  learned to hold the door open for everyone else and watched them pass me by

with a smile on their face and a pat on my head as they strode through

head held high

Righteousness flowing through their veins a wild river of purity racing to their heart

filling them with pride.

Until just for fun

I let the door swing shut.


It was that easy

to break away from my place

where my feet were nailed to the floor

to spit out words forced into my mouth, a smile stitched on my lips

with indifferent, patronizing  bony hands.

Clean break.

I walked away

Why did I wait this long

to matter?


Daily Prompt: Clean


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