The Great Lie

I want the perfect body

the perfect smile

the perfect laugh

I want to be like

the perfect

women in the glossy, slick expensive



I’d kill myself

starve myself

punish myself without mercy

to be like the perfect women


in the bible of female existence

the glossy, slick, expensive magazines.


If I am like that

tall, cool, white and blond


I will love myself

like one of those people

who fall in love

with the women

in the slick, glossy, expensive magazines.


But, oh the magic but,


I loved myself first?

Love thyself is a lie

who can do that

when your mirror screams in horror

when you stand in front of it

and it’s just the three of you

hating each other.

Like the dark twisted figures

hidden between the pages

of the

slick, expensive magazines

Daily Addiction Prompt: Frail