When The Moon Hits Your Eye


Once  on my morning commute  my  train had mechanical issues and was cancelled.

That meant that there was standing room only and the people further down the line who normally caught the ‘pickup’ train were put off and angry that there was standing room only when they got on.

One passenger had issues, my guess was I was sitting in the seat he normally sat in. He could have stood anywhere but he decided to stand in front of me, with his back turned towards my face.

All I could do from my seat was watch the waxing and waning of this new Moon  whose orbit seemed to degrade at times and appeared to be in danger if crashing into my head.

I kept hearing Robot warning Will Robinson of Danger.

Eventually I was able to settle down contemplated the wonders of the Universe, the dangers of the Universe. Why was I here at this exact moment in time with that man’s posterior swallowing up the horizon?

I could not think of  polite way to say, ” Could you get your ass out of my face?”

It was gross situation,  but what could I do?

Then it hit me.

Reclaim my space! That was the thing to do.

But how?

And then it dawned on me.

I took a picture of it.

I wasn’t going to look up or down. I wasn’t going to go to my happy place. I wasn’t going to stay right where I was.

That’s the thing about standing your ground, most of the time it’s not a glamorous place to be in.

But one can make the most of it.


Daily Addiction Prompt: Gigantic