To My Crepuscular and Quiet Companion


I want to take this chance to dedicate

every dark thought, every dark dream, every  dark word

I have ever written

to you


Crepuscular and Quiet Companion.


When the time comes

I will bury next

to the tree in my yard

the one that died for no reason at all

when I was  13 years old.


I won’t bury you deep, in grave lined with granite or marble or cement

My Dark and Quiet Companion

I want you to come back to me soon

after you’ve gone

So we can play with words and thoughts and dreams

like we always have

uninterrupted, alone in our darkness

Under trees that have died

for no reason

at all.

My Crepuscular and quiet Companion.


Photo: A.M. Moscoso


Inspired By The Daily Addictions Prompt: Dedicate