Knock Knock- Who’s There?

I was about 12 years old when ” Don’t Fear The Reaper ” was released by Blue Oyster Cult. It’s one of my favorite songs because it was spooky and dark and call me morbid but I thought the character ( the guy singing the song to the girl ) was going to meet a bad end.

I wasn’t exactly busted up by that because I was a little weirdo even back then.

Anyway. I bring this up in this post  because I’m harvesting ideas for my Halloween posts this October.

I was surfing around on youtube ( I could say I was doing research but I’m not writing fiction here so I’m not going to snow you ) when I came across this video by Lost In Vegas . Lost In Vegas are George and Ryan. They have  a fun channel at youtube where the do reactions to music videos.

This  is their take on the The Reaper.

First of all they get it. They got the music, they got the story and they had fun with figuring it all out.

Second, I really enjoyed watching them ‘discover’ a song that has been there in my life for over 40 years. It gave me a new appreciation for classic song

If you know the Reaper, give this a listen. If you don’t- give it a listen. You’ll learn something new.

Don’t fear The Reaper- watch out for that dog though. He’s sketchy.