The End


Over the weekend I found out my little sister’s friend was murdered by her husband in a domestic violence murder /suicide incident.

My Sister and her friend grew up together and moved to Hawaii after they graduated from High school. They were spirited, rebellious girls I’m glad to share here.

They smoked, loved Prince,went dancing every weekend and destroyed the Ozone with all of that hairspray they used to wear. They also lived with me for awhile and I will give them this, I think they were a little afraid of me but not so afraid they weren’t afraid to use my I.D. and they figured out how to use my clothes and put them back the way they found them.

The thing was, they were so paranoid I’d figure it out they use to wash and fold all the clothes around the stuff they wore so the upshot was I hardly ever had to do laundry.

It was awesome.

All of my sister’s friends from that time have a special place in my heart- they made me laugh at a time where I didn’t do much of that.

So to think that one of the girls left this world fighting for her life I can’t help but to feel angry.

Filled with rage is probably a better description.

But I take comfort from the simple fact that  for as much as I believe in a Heaven, I believe in a Hell too and I’m sure there is enough room there for one more damned soul.