You’re A Mean Ol’ Chowder Head Anita!

I am a musician

who does not like

The Beatles


Led Zepplin

I like

The Who

Because Roger Daltrey is cute.


I am a Democrat

who cannot stand

Bernie Sanders

and  the Bernie Bros and Bernie Bots


one day I read and was told:

” Bernie is like your cool older College Professor, you’re smart

Anita Marie

Follow Bernie, listen to US!”

I may have listened

had they been cute


Roger Daltrey.



I never went to college



sheeple flame my Facebook wall


I have not

Fallen to my knees and begged for his leadership and their guidance

and asked to receive

The Blessings from The Fold.


Unlike Roger Daltrey

Bernie Sanders

and his Bros

are not cute.


I am not tuned in, I am not woke, I am not aware.

I was told



on my Facebook Wall

by the Bernie Fans, By The Beatles Fans

Devotees of the highest most righteous order

None of them

as I have pointed out

are as cute as

Roger Daltrey.



For these sins

I  have been tagged



which is not a bad thing

when you consider the source

it’s not a bad thing




Daily Addictions Prompt: CONTROVERSY

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