The Invitation



Hello. Welcome. My name is Embalia Felonwood and I am very glad you came to tea.

It could not have been an easy invitation to accept, given the chit chat and the stories and the warnings about my cookies and candies and the speculations ( the very wild speculation  I must say )about the kind of fertilizer I must be using to make my garden out back grow the way it does.

Let me take your coat, your hat and gloves.

Oh my.

Is that a stake in your pocket or are you just glad to see me? Just my little joke, an attempt at seasonal humor. I know. Humor is not one  of my gifts, but I keep trying to get it right.

Here we are, welcome to my parlor.

Have a seat, settle back are you comfortable enough? Warm enough? No matter what I do this place always has a slight chill about it. I’ll close the curtains in a moment. If that’s alright with you.

Why yes this tea does smell divine and I’m glad you are enjoying the cookies. Have another or two?

I must say, I find your show in confidence and trust in me touching. I am touched. Truly touched.

Here, let me get the drapes. It’s so dark and dreary out there now.

More tea? No let me get it.

No. No I don’t know where those stupid ridiculous stories about me being a poisoner came from. It’s ridiculous. Poison is a cruel, cowardly way to bring about death.

Oh excuse me, just let me…here we go.

As you can see I’m more of a hands on type of a woman.

I prefer the butcher’s knife.

Go ahead dear.

Finish your tea.

I insist.

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Inspired By The Inktober promp: Poisonous

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