Reflections Of My Nightmare

Na/GloPoWriMo Day 21: Today’s  challenge write a poem that  incorporates wild, surreal images. Try to play around with writing that doesn’t make formal sense, but which engages all the senses and involves dream-logic.

It was my face, in the mirror looking back at me but it was smiling

and I was not I

could not to yell at it, I could  not to touch it I was

fading away my hand was turning to glass,  it was as light as  a desiccated leaf  and I was empty except for the

coldness that was creeping out of my ears, my eyes my breath all of it turning to frost

in the air but my face in the mirror was flushed, tan and smiling lifting it’s face to the sun in it’s world with a photo shopped smile

but I was not smiling and I thought if I could just move away from that image of me

the fake image of the fake me with the fake smile in the fake world I could feel warm again so I turned around

and there was another me, in another  mirror and it was smiling and I was


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