The Black Paintings

This is a wonderful piece on the Black Paintings of Goya and in it the author tells us about the which paintings disturbed him the most.

That painting is actually one of my favorites- so after this clip I’ve posted two of the paintings that I’ve found to be the most disturbing.

I’ve always found this painting to be the most disturbing:

Black Painting by Goya
” The Dog “

In this painting the dog is alone in an empty Sea and it is drowning- worse maybe it will never drown. Maybe it will almost drown, alone and  almost drown alone forever.

I’ve been that dog, that’s why I find the painting so disturbing.

I guess I see myself in it.

Black Painting- Goya
” The Fates “

I’ve always found it amusing that lovers claim that “fate” brought them together.

In my mind fate has a cruel streak and a sick sense of humor- and by the way it doesn’t really care who you are or what your desires or wants are.

This painting expresses that.

Black Painting By Goya
Pilgrimage to the Fountain of San Isidro

I don’t find the above painting disturbing but I’ll include it anyway.

What I hear when I see this painting is are questions- were these people crazed looking

before they made their pilgrimage or did it happen along the way- and once they get

there are these pilgrims the ones that were expected?

For the sake of drama with a touch of darkness- I’ll say



2 thoughts on “The Black Paintings

  1. I remember once I took a profile test and the image of a house represented your core personality- Victorian house= traditional, Castle=guarded, Cabin=Loner. Pretty standard. So maybe by painting on the walls of his ‘house’ he was after all, sharing who he was because his house represented himself. Maybe he painted on the walls because he couldn’t connect in any other way with the world around him. He let it speak for himself. Anyway that was my takeaway from him actions.

  2. The video (thanks for sharing it!) said that Goya never intended for anyone else to see his “Black Paintings,” and I find that really interesting. I mean, why not?

    And yes, the painting with the dog in it is the most disturbing to me, too. I want to rescue him.

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