Share Your World 6-1-2020

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Is it ever okay to commit a crime?  Please explain.

No. I mean, you can commit a crime and you can even justify it. But it seems to me that if you ever do something that you know is wrong you never stop trying to convince yourself you were righteous.

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Do you deal with change well?  (not money, because I know some wit out there is thinking how bulky coins are. Well I did any how.    ) 

A few years ago my life was completey and utterly trashed and I thought I hadn’t dealt well with it at all. Then the Covid-19 hit and I aced quarantine and having the world around me litteraly fall apart and guess what.

I handled it and I certainly didn’t spend my time bitching and whining about needing to get my hair done and not being able to walk into Burger King and standing there for five minutes trying to decide what to eat- even though all that stuff tastes the same.

I felt like I was trained up for this moment.

Do you like birds?   The sound of bird song in the morning, taking pictures of them, as food?   

Birds are descended from dinosaurs and now we eat them and keep them in cages. I think there is a life lesson in there. I just can’t figure out what it is.

What’s the least used item of clothing you own?

My winter jacket.

Since I started to drive to the train station and it’s a five minute walk from where I get off to work I don’t need heavy jackets anymore. For some reason that makes me sort of sad because it makes me feel like I’m missing out on something.

2 thoughts on “Share Your World 6-1-2020

  1. Thank you so much for Sharing Your World! Those images really add something, not that your answers weren’t great, it’s just nice to have a visual to go along with them. I tend to think that introverts were, in a sense, training for this C-19 business. We’ve got quarantine down already and can amuse ourselves without a lot of stress. Extroverts are going nuts. 🙂

    • It boggled my mind. I mean, when I did go out all I saw were people with their face in their phones. I had no idea some of those people were social anymore because they seemed to be ignoring everyone and everything around them. I thought sitting on their couch and doing that would have been a plus because there was no way they could wander in front of a bus or car while talking to their on line friends.

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