Sorry, I Missed You

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Do I miss seeing crowded streets full of slack jawed zombies staring into their phones?

No I don’t.

Do I miss the acrid smell of car exhaust, heavily perfumed bodies sweating coffee from their pores?

No. Not even a little.

Do I miss being pushed and shoved on my way to the train? Do I miss stepping over pools of human urine and having to jump out of the way of bicyclist screeching ‘behind you’ as they tear down the sidewalks to somewhere really very important.

Like the Fro-Yo place on the corner.

That’s a big NO.

Do I miss the taste of fast food, slow food served at a sit down restaurant where your choice is something beef related and gluten free chocolate cake for desert and the unwelcomed taste of cherry flavored vape from the guy in the man bun that I always end up behind in one line or another.

That’s a HELL NO.

So why do I wonder when my smelly, confusing world will all come back- and most of all…

why do I hope it comes back exactly as it was before.

Salted Caramel Prompt: 5 Things You Missed During the lockdown.

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