Leaving Home

FOWC with Fandango — Asleep

” You don’t have to keep visiting me like this, after I’m moved” Eileen told her son as they drove to her new place.

Calvin who had dutifully visited his Mother after she moved into Leaning Birches two years ago was a little insulted. ” Mom, when I have not visited you? Me and Frankie and Birdie have never missed a visit with you and we’re not going to start now.”

” Well.” She said, ” I can’t expect you to run down here just to see me for our little visits. Frankie is going to be graduating from highschool in a few months and she is going to be driving now. Birdie is going to start teaching school again and you-” she sighed ” You work so hard. You have lives to be proud of and you should enjoy them. I do worry you don’t get enough rest. Do you nap? Naps are very healthful you know.”

Calvin was about to answer Mom but he could feel her mind was elsewhere. He decided to keep it short. ” What we enjoy is having you in our lives Mom.”

Mom’s new place was coming up on the left.

” I know. Now let’s get me settled in. This new place looks a little more quiet then Leaning Birches.”

Calvin pulled into the parking lot and drove to the side door, where the administration office is. He parked and shut his car off and then he rested his head on the steering wheel for a minute.

As he raised his head, Calvin reached to his Mom and carefully slid her Urn- the simple Urn with raised flowers pressed along the rim and her name in fancy script lettering on a brass plate that she had chosen out herself- towards him. He patted it reassuringly and then he picked it up.

” I have to agree with you Mom,” he said tenderly to his Mother’s Urn.” If we’re lucky the traffic won’t be so loud it can wake the dead the way it did at your last place. You need your rest too. “

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