What Have You Got To Lose?

Fandango’s Provocative Question #78:

Do you believe that students should be required to return to school for the new school year?

In a word my answer to this question is NO.

Here’s the ” why ” .

It shouldn’t really surprise anyone that Trump is demanding that children return to school.

The reason as presented by some of the adults in the room is a practical one. Schools are also used as daycares and if hiring a daycare provider for you children while you work is beyond your means then school is the next best thing.

So kickstarting the economy can’t really go into gear because who will take care of the kids if and when the parents or caregivers return to work?

The question preying on my mind in all of this is who the Hell sends their kids ( let’s face it, kids have personal hygiene habits that would make a monkey blush ) out into the world when there is a Pandemic raging unchecked across the country?

Well. Donald Trump for one and that shouldn’t surprise anyone.

Some of us have asked ourselves what kind of man imprisons, inflicts psychological torture on children and toddlers and causes irreparable harm to developing infants by throwing them into cages with express orders that they NOT BE TOUCHED OR COMFORTED AND WHEN THEY ARE IN DISTRESS…oh and it’s not the facilities fault if the children are sick or sexually abused.

Safe to say a monstrous person does that- the horror here is he happens to be President of The United States.

Donald Trump according to the book by his niece Mary Trump– who completed a Master’s Degree and holds a PH.D in Psychology- has made it clear that Trump- who has an unhealthy relationship to his eldest daughter and toxic relationships with his other children- is absolutely incapable -because of his own upbringing- of understanding the role that an adult holds in the lives of the children that they raise or are responsible for.

This man will send your children head first into the woodchipper because in his mind his goals, his wants, his needs are all that matters- this drive is literally hardwired into his brain.

From Mary Trump’s book we can glean how Trump may have come to the place where sacrificing and harming children means nothing to him.

The question is- knowing how Trump has treated the children he imprisoned, the treatment they suffer under, how he has treated his own flesh and blood…

what type of person agrees with him?


Selling canned goods from the White House…btw…go ahead and send your kids to school during a Pandemic, what have you got to lose?


6 thoughts on “What Have You Got To Lose?

  1. Trump is despicable and needs to be removed from office, along with all of his hand-picked swamp creatures who make up his Cabinet and senior advisors. I can’t fathom how much damage he’s going to do to our country between now and January 20, 2021z

  2. Good relation, in your answer, of thoughts as to what Trump is like. And the true bottom line is Trump and Betsy are not interested for the health or welfare of the students or educators.

  3. Trump is absolutely a disgusting human being. The sad thing about the schooling is that it could be do-able if educators would reach out and ask the people who have ideas. Kids can still do easy hands on things at home. I get the daycare part of it but is their life worth it?

    • I agree. But the leadership in this matter can’t come from Trump or his side kick Betsy. They’re interests are NOT for the health or welfare of the students or educators.

      • Not at all! It is amazing to think of any adult when the subject of student education comes up that you don’t want to protect all children and see them have positive experiences.

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