Imagine and The Silver Stars

Over the weekend I read a few articles about the ‘trollish ‘ way in which people expressed themselves on social media about the death a public figure’s brother.

The thing of it is, there is nothing unique about the way people were acting and this story is a true experience ( with some changes to  the individual’s identities and description ) that illustrates my point:


He handed me a CD and a yellow bandana with a stars stamped all over it in silver.

The CD was John Lennon’s Imagine and I wasn’t sure what the significance of the bandana was and then he asked me to play the CD when they carried his daughter’s casket into the chapel and would I take the floral arranged off the casket and put the bandana in it’s place and instead of the music that had been selected I was supposed to put on Lennon’s song.

Of course I couldn’t  and I was on my way to giving a good excuse ( because this wasn’t the first time this had happened )  when another man and two of the deceased’s siblings were around us and they were yelling, they were angry. How dare he show up and try to control her Funeral Service? He hadn’t been around for years and now he was going to call the shots about how to bury her?

Her Mother sailed in and sailed past us,  like she didn’t know any of them. That’s what the other family members and friends did too.

I eyeballed the entrance then I closed the chapel doors and I sent the cue to the other Director to start the service and that’s what he did.

The Father, The Stepfather and the Siblings fought through the entire service and when it was over they stamped out of the building.

They weren’t there for the Graveside Service either.


Putting My Feet In The Dirt August Prompt #15- He Wore a Yellow Bandana

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