The Whistling Man

Putting My Feet In The Dirt August Prompt#20- He Was a Whistling Wonder

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If there is a dark road

he will find it.


If there is a dark road and one night you find yourself stranded on it

because your car shut down all on it’s own

he will be on that road

and  you will see him walking towards you, like he was expecting you.

You will probably think he’s smiling.


In a panic  you will not be able to find your phone and you won’t be sure you locked

your doors

because doesn’t your car do that for you? Didn’t you hear the locks click after you

started the car

you did, didn’t you?

Where is your phone?  Where  is it?


By the time he is almost close enough  to touch the hood of your car

you will running circles in your head

and as he reaches your side of the car  just when he could simply reach out and touch

the door handle

you will see that the buttons on his worn denim jacket are all red.


The buttons will glow like little embers in a dying camp fire and he will be whistling, not

a tune, not a random collection of notes but he will sound like the wind stirring through

dry autumn leaves scurrying around an dark  road- like the one you are on

all alone

trapped in a car that died all on it’s own.


And as he passes by you, just as he reaches the rear bumper

your car will start all and you will see that your phone is exactly where you

left it , right there

on the passenger seat.


You will grab your phone and then you pull away from him and zip away as fast as you



You will see him in your rearview mirror there on the road

a dark figure, a shadow of a man

growing smaller

and you will feel your heart pounding in your chest, a cool river of sweat will run down

the back of your neck

and you will hear him whistling in your head

long after

you think

you’ve left him behind.



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