Rockroad House

Putting My Feet In The Dirt: #31  You Inspire Me To Inspire You 

Photographer Unknown

I’ll close one eye

and then the other

I will walk through your door

with the rusted locks

with reverence and care.


I will  glide over your sagging floors with gentle footsteps

so as not to wake whatever is sleeping under them.


I will be careful to not brush up against

your walls covered with dust and cobwebs

I will not disturb the rats and mice that call them home.


You have my word that as I haunt your rooms

and explore the closets, the basement

and be still my heart

as I make way up the  dry and creaking stairway to the attic

that I will treat each dark secret, each wicked promise that I find

as if it were my own.


You inspire me Mrs. Parson’s House

the  eternal home of the Rockroad Devil’s Wife.

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