Halloween Traditions- Bobbing For Apples and The Festival of Skulls

Here are some fun things you could work into your Halloween experience and if you like them enough, you might want to make them a part of your Halloween Traditions.

#6 is looking pretty good to me considering Halloween festivities aren’t going to be happening in my neck of the woods.

Here’s a video of modern Halloween Traditions to look at for some inspiration.

They’re informative. For example I did not know you could get a black eye while bobbing for apples.

I know for a fact that if you are not careful you could really hurt someone while trying to bust open a Piñata- but a shiner from bobbing for apples while your head is under water?

That is just freaky.


Have you ever heard of the German Halloween tradition called, ‘ Hide The Knives’?

I get the ‘Festival of Skulls’ but ” Hide the Knives?”

That’s just awesome.

Here are some weird traditions to explore, maybe you do them already and maybe you might like to try a few.

Like the Festival of Skulls.

( evil chuckle)

I suppose that as you explore Halloween Traditions and may decide to adopt a few for yourself you might want to avoid  exploring the Haunted US Roads as part of your new traditions.

I won’t be, but you know, that’s the way I roll.


Happy Haunting everyone!

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